About Us


Concept Development
Effective communication is all about forging emotional connections, telling a story, getting someone to explore. Our concepts are all about engaging an audience from the very first click.
User Experience
We understand the science behind how people interact with content. How they learn. We understand how to design user experiences that are both simple to use and extremely compelling.
Visual Design & Production
Our visuals are the glue that links technology to the heart and emotions. And that, ultimately, is what brings people back time after time.
Content Development
Technology on its own is nothing without engaging content. We have a long history of creating content that grabs your attention and pulls you into a completely unique experience. And we're just getting started.
Motion Design & Animation
Our animators and motion designers bring life to virtually any platform, from TV to tablets, and now augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and mixed reality (MR). We're always wiggling our way into the latest technology.
Artwork & Illustration
We all started out with nothing more than a pencil and a pad of paper. Now we're creating rich, vibrant illustrations and artwork on screens and tablets. We can't wait to fingerpaint in a virtual world.

Executive Team

Ted Evans
Principal Product Designer
Ted began his career over twenty years ago with a head full of hair and crazy ideas. He has a lot less hair now, but he still has plenty of crazy ideas. Ted brings a wealth of talent and experience to the team. He's created print & broadcast ad campaigns, marketing collateral, audio-visual extravaganzas, interactive kiosks, web sites, games, enhanced TV shows, and even an interactive roller coaster ride. He's worked for a wide range of clients including: Cox Communications, Sony, Apple, Nintendo, Comcast, Intel, Microsoft, Disney Imagineering, and Virgin Media TV.
Ian Evans
Senior Designer / Audio Production
Ian is an accomplished, passionate, and flexible designer with a wide range of experience designing for diverse clients and platforms, including: web, onscreen presentations, smartphones, tablets, broadcast and video, augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and mixed reality (MR). He has also provided audio engineering, production and composition for live performance as well as studio production for games and entertainment products.
Allyssa Evans
For the past five years, Allyssa has been focused on creating effective ways to manage people, time, and resources. With an obsessive attention to detail and organization (she’s been alphabetizing her books for as long as she can remember), and a style that’s a happy medium between Agile and traditional project management methods, she has been responsible for several successful technology and customer facing initiatives. Allyssa has built a reputation for being a proactive problem solver.
Sharmayne Evans
Sharmayne is our jack-of-all-trades, ready to tackle and solve any challenge. Her 7 years of experience in consumer relations, with companies like Sprint and IBM, have helped her develop a passion for top-notch support, and providing each client with the best experience possible. Sharmayne brings a thorough and systematic approach to each task she undertakes, whether it is bookkeeping, client support, or managing our administrative tasks. Her ability to face the unexpected keeps our company running smoothly.

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