BibleJourney - E-learning App

BibleJourney is a life-changing educational adventure for those who want more than they’ve had before. BibleJourney delivers exceptional content in an accessible way–in short, interactive lessons guided by a scholar who makes Scripture’s enduring principles accessible to anyone. The App also includes VR/AR features for total subject matter immersion. As an educational tool, Virtual reality helps students improve deep learning and retention. They learn more, remember longer, and decide better through active, immersive, self-directed experientials.

Evans Creative provided user experience consultation from the beginning of the project, including research, user profiles and personas, competitive analysis, user flows, wireframes, user interface design, prototyping, measurements and specifications in InVision. The app is built in Unity for cross-platform development and VR/AR integration.

For more detail on UX process click here for Behance project page.

  • Client: Biblejourney
  • Development: Compedia
  • Content Development: Polymath Innovations
  • Producer/Project Manager: Allyssa Evans
  • User Experience: Ted Evans
  • UI/Visual Design: Ted Evans
  • Prototyping: Ted Evans