Mercedes Benz - Multi-platform App

Mercedes-Benz needed a way to track active recalls, get critical maintenance information to dealers in a timely and efficient manner, and connect with car owners to implement repairs. CDK Global was developing an application that could locate specific vehicles with recalls, prioritize recall efforts and case management, and improve completion through dealer incentives. CDK Global had a working prototype that was not testing well with its target audience. They needed a user experience evaluation and full re-design that would implement Material Design Standards and work across multiple platforms and devices, including desktop, tablet, and phone.

We started by interviewing users and pinpointing their pain points with the current prototype. Users complained about multiple interface issues and the lack of immediate access to crucial information. Tracking the status of ongoing recalls required several drill-downs, and communication with dealers and customers was challenging. We also compared similar applications by competitors, as well as non-software solutions.

We proposed a unified user experience that surfaces critical information to the first screen, links maintenance and repair guidance with a parts ordering system, and allows dealerships to communicate directly with customers. Mercedes-Benz rolled out the improved application to its dealers, increasing recall completions by 77% over a six-month campaign. CDK successfully implemented similar solutions for BMW and Jaguar based on the success of this initial launch.

  • Client: CDK Global / Mercedes-Benz USA
  • UX Manager: Steven Meyer
  • User Experience: Ted Evans
  • UI / Visual Design: Ted Evans
  • Prototyping: Ted Evans