Envelop VR - 3D Visualization

EnvelopVR built a brand-new platform for developers to design and code virtual reality applications. Developers could code, compile, and test without ever leaving the VR environment, a virtual desktop accessible from anywhere.

Evans Creative Studios created conceptual 3D visualizations of Envelop VR's innovative approach to immersive productivity and software development. We rendered several different views in Cinema 4D, composited original photography, and designed a unique user interface for the demo operating system. We also created early design prototypes for an augmented reality (AR) platform. After a successful launch, the company sold its core technology to Google.

For more detail on process click here for Behance project page.

  • Client: Envelop VR
  • Creative Direction: Ted Evans
  • Studio Photography: Ted Evans
  • 3D Design: Ted Evans / Ian Evans
  • User Interface Design: Ted Evans / Ian Evans