Game Now - Complete games solution for the set-top box

Game Now is a complete games solution for cable operators that uses existing on-demand infrastructure to deliver games. The technology also provided a game management system for all categories of game services and business models, an integrated advertising solution, community services, a content library of licensed games, support for multiplayer games and open architecture for customization.

A unique 3D user interface was designed to take advantage of the platform's streaming technology as well as provide a simple and fun way to navigate content. A licensed game collection was developed for the launch of the platform that included casual puzzlers, action games, platformers and immersive AAA style games. All game development, interaction design, branding, marketing and promotion was done by a two-person team (Ted Evans and Chris Walsh) in just over 8 months.

  • Client: SeaChange International
  • Creative Direction: Ted Evans
  • Branding: Ted Evans / Chris Walsh
  • Interaction Design: Ted Evans
  • Game Design: Ted Evans / Chris Walsh
  • Motion Graphics: Ted Evans / Chris Walsh