Bot Bounce - a frantic, fun running game for all ages

Little Bot wakes up alone and confused in an enormous wasteland on the distant Planet Ecchs. He's not alone for long, soon he’s being chased by angry robots, weird looking aliens and vengeful scientists. The worst part is the Mechanically Automated Necessary Industrial Arm Cleaner (MANIAC) that is trying to grab him and turn him into scrap. Run away Little Bot, never let them steal your power!

FEATURES: - Fun, hand-drawn animated characters! - One button, fast-paced gameplay! - Insane power-ups, from rocket packs to invisibility! - 7 environments, from deserts to outer space! - Crazy enemies, from robot monkeys, to aliens! - 3 levels of difficulty! - Score points with collectible gears! - And more!

  • Client: FishyTale Digital Inc.
  • Illustration: Ted Evans
  • Design: Ted Evans / Ian Evans
  • Animation: Ted Evans / Ian Evans
  • Programming: Chris Luttio