T1ck T0ck & Sp0t - Children's Book

The story of T1ck T0ck and Sp0t is the story of friendship in the face of adversity. T1ck T0ck has an important job, keeping the central clock maintained so that all the planets of the Fraction Solar System continue to move in their orbits. Sp0t is carefree and spends his days chasing bugs. One day, Sp0t sees something new to chase, a tiny little rocket. He jumps off the clock and disappears to the farthest side of the galaxy. T1ck T0ck begins a frantic quest to find his friend no matter what it takes. Along the way, he meets new creatures, explores strange new planets and learns how important it is to have a best friend.

The characters were created in Cinema 4D. The planets in Vue Infinite and backgrounds and details in Painter. Each image was composited in Photoshop and the layouts in InDesign. The final book will be presented as an e-book, an interactive app and a printed book.

  • Client: Spockit Studios
  • Art Direction: Ted Evans / Ian Evans
  • Design: Ian Evans
  • Illustration: Ted Evans
  • Story: Ted Evans